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Enock Yumu


Enock is 14. His father died five years ago. His mother remarried with another man who does not want to see him. The maternal grandfather decided to take care of his grandson. The grandfather is a retired state civil servant but he does not receive any pension. After his wife died he remarried and he is living in a studio flat that his wife’s family is lending him, because he himself is unable to pay any rent.

Although the grandfather is very fond of his grandson, his wife cannot stand him. She mistreats him and does not feed him properly. That is how the child started to steal. He stole 10,000FC before running away from home. The boy lived in the streets for two weeks and he turned up at our centre. However, his grandfather, who loves him greatly, went out to look for him and he was able to recover him at our centre and take him home again.

After this we went to the house to check that the child was back. We arranged with the grandfather how Enock could return to school, given that the grandfather no longer has the resources to do this. So the boy is back in school in 5th year of Primary. However we need to follow him up closely because he is unhappy with the wife of his grandfather and with the rest of his family.

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