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Isaac Katende Yendelayi


Isaac is an 11 year-old boy, elder of two children. He stopped going to school when in his 3rd year Primary. He was born in Kinshasa, then his mother brought him to Kasaï. He and his younger brother were both born in the street. His father’s name is Théodore Katende. Then his mother Mado Tshanda died. He doesn’t know his father because, following his mother's death, the boys moved to their grandmothers in Kananga. The grandmother also divorced her husband, then came to settle in Kinshasa with her two youngest sons and grandsons.

After a while the grandmother fell ill and obtaining food became a problem for the family. Isaac used to go with his two uncles to sell water in order to bring something home to eat for the family. That is how they got into the habit of not staying home but spending the night on the Ngaba roundabout instead. Isaac was brought to the Centre by his street friends. After listening to him we took him to meet his grandmother. At the end of our conversation the grandmother admitted that it's because of hunger and the lack of means to send him to school that the Isaac cannot bear to stay at home.

We realised that it would be better to provide the grandmother with an urgent microcredit so that Isaac and his two young uncles no longer needed to sell water. They will now go to school in order to avoid being idle. The grandmother is still getting over her illness but she can sell bread in order to earn something and feed her family.

Denis Ntumba Bukasa et Jean Kanku Bukasa, Isaac’s uncles, are both 13. They did not go to the Ndako ya Biso centre, but every day they were on the Ngaba roundabout. So we went along to listen to them and they agreed to go back home with the view of returning to school, both in 1st year Secondary. The family’s living conditions are difficult but, because of schooling, they are very happy to go back to live with their grandmother in Makala. Lack of schooling is also a cause of children ending up in the streets.

We hope that following our visits to their family the life of these children will improve.

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