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Jonathan Mbemba


This is a boy aged 13. His father has been dead for some years and his mother has gone to Angola. He was living here with his grandmother.

When the grandmother travelled to visit relations on the Batéké plateau she left the child to be minded by his maternal uncle but the child was maltreated. His uncle would shout at him and hit him hard. For this reason Jonathan ran away into the streets, where he lived from scavenging and the sale of embers. After his difficulties with his uncle, Jonathan did not want to take refuge with his maternal aunt, because she accused him of sorcery, saying that he had eaten his father.

Through his wandering in the streets Jonathan ended up in Ndako ya Biso. We listened to his story and he led us to meet his aunt. She told us a bit about his story. She also told us that the grandmother was back. We reassured her that the child is no sorcerer. When the grandmother learned that we had called about Jonathan she came a few days later to our centre to fetch her grandson because she is very fond of him. They were both very pleased to see each other again.

Because the grandmother cannot accommodate her grandson she sought the indulgence of a friend of her husband who put them both up. We went to visit them. Jonathan is now 14. His schooling having stopped at the level of 4th year of Primary he will be placed as an apprentice in a garage to learn motor mechanics as he wishes to become a driver and mechanic. A 40$ microcredit was given to the grandmother to help her resume her activity of selling bread.

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