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Kateba Jina

Kateba Jina

Jina is a young girl aged 16. She is the third in a family of four children. She has reached the 5th year of secondary schooling. She used to live with her two parents but they accused her of being a sorceress and thus at the root of the family’s problems (the father lost his job, the mother’s commerce failed, the TV broke down …) She was supposed to have received her sorcery from a child in a neighbouring family. Three times her parents took her to different Churches for her to be delivered from her sorcery through prayers and forced fasting. But since Jina refused to acknowledge that she is a sorceress her parents and her older sisters refused to see her again. They told her that she must stay and pray all night in the church until her sorcery had gone. Jina refused those prayers and so she was thrown out of the Church and she took refuge in an abandoned car.

One day she met a religious sister who arranged for her to meet one of our educators. He repeatedly tried to mediate with her parents but they remained firmly opposed to seeing their daughter again. We were able to trace one of her uncles but he lived alone and in great poverty so that he was unable to look after his niece. However he told us about a family who were touched by the plight of that young girl and agreed to have her stay. So we led her to that family who welcomed her warmly. We enrolled her back in school so that she could resume her studies. Jina is now very happy. She has a place to stay, and she is able to continue her training in sewing and dressmaking.

Jean-Didier KPANYA

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