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Stéphanie Ayahuka


Stéphanie is 8 years old, she’s the third in a family of 4 children. Her parents live together. Every day the father goes out to look for small jobs in order to survive. The mother has a small restaurant table in front of her home. She used to save 1,000F per day with a nearby shop. The family has to pay a monthly rent of 20$.

We met the girl as she was washing up for a small restaurant at a nearby market. She told us that she had already worked for six months in that market, and she gave us her family’s address. The mother welcomed us but she told us that she was ashamed that her daughter had to leave in order to work in the streets. She had to go because there was nothing left at home and the parents could not afford for her to go to school. We brought the girl back and she was welcomed. We put her in 3rd year Primary class of a nearby school. Then we gave the mother a 50$ credit to relaunch her small restaurant.

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