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Winner Pangadi


Winner is a little boy of 5. On November 3rd our educator from the Selembao site was contacted by local police who had just picked up this lost child in the market. Our educator went along, met the child, walked with him around the market but found nothing. As evening fell he decided to bring the child back to our centre, with the authorization of the police. The child was too young to give precise indications about his family.

We had him shown on national TV but there were no response. After two weeks without any result, on November 30th, the educator went back with the child to the Selembao market and made an appeal on the local market radio. After several appeals a lady came up to say that she knew a family that had lost a child. The child fitted the description so the educator went with her and the child to meet the family. The family was clearly pleased to have the child back but could not understand how he could have gone to a market quite a long way from their home, and they started to accuse the educator of having abducted their child.

Fortunately we were covered by a police document but we came to realise that bringing back a lost child is not always simple. The child’s actual parents have disappeared: the mother is in Angola, and the father left without giving an address. The child is under the responsibility of his maternal great-uncle, and not greatly liked by the family. No-one came to kiss him on his return. The family live in very great poverty. We need to follow them up and decide how best to help them.

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