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How to Help Us

There are different ways of helping our work with street children:

  • Pray for our mission
  • Talk to others about the plight of street children and help increase awareness of their needs and rights
  • Support us financially by making a monthly Direct Debit contribution or a single donation to support a specific aspect of our work such as:
A school term’s quarterly fees Education-Icon1 £18.45
A new school uniform uniform-icon £10.00
School bag and materials brief_case_job_career-512 £6.00
A social worker’s salary (monthly) man_person_mens_room £150.00
To feed 50 children for a week in our day centres food ikon £233.00
Dispensary costs per week royalty-free-images-3d-golden-framed-pound-sign-42069167 £186.00
Monthly support for a young person in vocational training calender   £12.50
Initial and minimum micro credit to assist reunification tipped-over-rice-bag-spilling-out-full-back-white-background-40847448 £25.00

If you able to help financially please follow one of the links below: they will lead you to the donation webpage of the community of Chemin Neuf which oversees this project as well as others. There, you can specify in the message box how you want your donation to be spent. Also, you might remember us in your will – a legacy would be a lasting contribution to helping new young lives. To do so, please email us directly via our ‘contact page.’ Thank you for any support you can offer.

Make A Donation

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