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Strengthening and supporting families.

We recognise the importance of ongoing support to reunification and since our small beginning in 2004 the project has reunited 1,200 street children. Our service follows the 720 children currently back at home to maintain them in their families, helping in the following ways:

We place children in schools near their family home and help to maintain them there until their education is finished. Today we are supporting more than 400 children in schools, but schools are very expensive in DRC, as the state does very little to support education. School fees are approximately £76.00 for a school year and this amount of money is way beyond the means of most families so we look to donors and friends to help the children to stay in school.

We also place youngsters in vocational training where they can learn useful work skills such as carpentry, mechanics (many want to become drivers) for the boys and sewing for the girls. We currently have 100 youngsters in training and the cost is £12.50 a month for each child.

We give micro-credits of £25.00 (minimum) to the mothers responsible for the children to help them to start their own small commercial activities and gave 200 such loans in 2013.

We help the families to find better housing to care for their children. Rental guarantees are costly (average £75) and prevent many from obtaining housing; we can provide the down payment enabling families to find secure accommodation and last year we helped 36 families in this way.

We continue to work with child and family in order to help them readjust to living together and resolve conflicts honestly, openly and respectfully.

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